Baldr & Frigg: two gods that are symbolic for what we consider important values and the fundaments of the services we deliver.

In essence, we are aimed at the realisation of the ambitions of people and organisations. Ambitions that relate to growth, development, professionalisation and dealing with change and dynamism. Ambitions that are aimed towards the sustainable employability of employees.

Baldr and Frigg also refer to our expansive experience as advisor, coach, supervisor and assessor, and to our approach. With our involvement, unifying capacity, humour and transparency, we want to be inspiring foundation and fertile soil for the growth and development of our clients.

We act from the perspective of the “bigger picture”: we don’t consider our clients isolated players, but as connected to the world around them. We strive towards an optimal connection between our clients and the outside world. Due to our sincere curiosity and broad experience in the realm of assessments, we are competent at predicting future behaviour, potential and success within the described context.

We often get curious responses from others when they first hear the name Baldr & Frigg. It pleases us that our name stimulates curiosity, and with that, points towards a highly significant condition for growth and development. Sincere curiosity demands an objective, open attitude and stimulates the capacity to learn and the willingness to arrive at new modes of behaviour.
We at Baldr & Frigg are:
aimed at ambition and growth
curious and provocative
enthusiastic and realistic
clear and transparent
personable and unifying
down to earth and result-oriented
experienced and pleasant